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    Hello To everyone,

    I work in a small bussiness (i've started 2 days ago) and they have a central server but it's too old and not very well maintained. SO for the beggining i'll have to maintain the server and i have to order some equipment. For example i need a good ups to support the old server but also to be available to a new one if the old server broke down. Any suggestions ...price among 100 - 250 euros.

    And another question...what jobs do i need to do to maintain and support well the server?! (i'm talking about cleaning and setting things! for a start)

    I appreciate Any suggestion guys!

    Thanks to all of you in advance

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    Firstly, where are you located? This would be a good starting point for any suggestions relation to any hardware recommendations which someone may want to make to you.

    With regards to what you first job / task should be - from the sounds of things, it seems the server can pretty much give up any moment .... so, BACKUP .. BACKUP .. BACKUP ... preferably to a fast external storage - because if it does go down, the business will suffer if the data is not available for migration to another server!

    You can then focus on the other task(s) - however, it seems the best would be perhaps to ensure the server is brought / kept up to date with patches - assumining you are running a flavour of Windows SBS or similar .. ?

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    get an APC UPS and be done with it

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    Agreed. I'd like to use the old "Nobody ever got fired for..." phrase and say "Nobody ever got fired for buying APC."

    You've given your budget, but not your estimated load (in watts) or desired runtime.

    I'd highly recommend the Back-UPS RS 1500 (BR1500) with the BR24BP extended run battery (it's what I have at home). APC charges 410 EUR, but a local store has them for 242 EUR, so you may be able to fit it in your budget.

    It'll run a 300W load for 72 minutes. As a cheaper solution, the BR1500 alone goes for ~160 EUR and will run 300W for 19 minutes.

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