Hello WHT Community,

I'm Brian, 19 Years old from the greater Kansas City Area. I have a extensive range throughout the web hosting industry. I have been doing work for 7 years now and have much experience in various control panels and virtualization softwares.My main experience has come from cPanel/WHM Control Panel Software. I'm looking for Part Time Based only. I have listed my availability's that I will be able to put fourth towards the company below;

Monday-Friday : 6:00 A.M - 1:45 P.M (Ticket Support Only) 3:30 P.M - 10:30 P.M (Live Chat & Tickets).
Saturday & Sunday : (Any Hours of the Day)

I'm looking to be paid nothing more then $5.00 an hour or I can be paid in services + commission.

I have a great amount of knowledge with the latest & main Billing & Live Chat Softwares including WHMCS, ClientEXEC, Kayako, Live Zilla, and More.

Please do Contact me via PM or Reply to the thread with any information, Questions, or Concerns you may have for me. I'm Always checking my E-Mail via PC or Phone so i will instantly receive your message.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Brian Kelly