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    Hosting in China (not Sin HKG) and Japan with english interface

    Hi - Im a SME looking to host my chinese site IN China, and my japanese site IN Japan as I have clients from those countries.
    Absolute requirement MUST have have IP address in China for one and Japan for the other
    Also must have english interface, linux or windows is ok, linux preferred. Sites are only small , <1000 uniqueV a month and low bandwidth so no need for dedicated server, just shared server is desired and cheap therefore.
    Please do NOT reply if you are offering services in other Asian countries like SIN or HKG I am not interested.
    Reason is SEO local search results
    Anyone can give me some linsk to checkout or even better are already using a service commercially that they can recommend. Many thanks

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    Bump up - thought I would get some replies to this one on this forum but appears not - one last try

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    I searched one for you.I heard that it is famous in China. with English interface.
    HostEase Hosting - Professional Web Hosting
    SoftLayer Datacenter and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    24/7/365 Technical Support
    Support Center|Call us at (302)-353-4678.

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    4,306 has English GUI

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    I suppose that in China you will be able the same forum as WHT here and then find a lot of local companies there

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