75% of the servers we do work one time jobs on, are severely out of date and vulnerable to exploits (root escalation is extremely common).

Secure your server and your business for only $40 dollars today!

For $40 dollars we will do the following:

Upgrade your entire server. This includes your operating system and control panel.
Install a firewall
Install some form of brute force prevention
Install and configure mod_security
Install and configure suhosin
Ensure your dns servers are not setup to be open recursion servers
Configure your temporary directories to be noexec
Set safe permissions on key binarys

We will also run a full clamscan on your servers home directory to find php shells and other malicious type files.

$40 dollars this week only.

($30 per server if you order 4 or more)

Email [email protected] if you are interested in ordering.