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    MTA - Mail Transfer Agent


    Does anyone know of a good MTA that can delivery emails quickly but efficently. The MTA must have the option for per domain throttling and be integratable with SPF, SenderID, and Domain Keys. I have looked into Hurricane MTA - It says it can send over 1,000,000 emails per hour. I understand that the server can play a role in this and bounces, and mx lookups. However, I am looking for a email solution that can process alot of emails. 1,000,000 emails per hour would be very nice, but must have domain throttling. I would perfer linux or windows.

    Domain Throttling: amount of emails sent to that domain per hour, and or per connection.

    Server Specs:

    Quad Core Xeon 5520
    8 x 2.26GHz + hyper-threading CPU
    2 x 250GB HDD
    12GB RAM
    1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
    10TB BW

    Thanks for any and all post.


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    maybe try posfix
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    IceWarp Mail Server can do that.

    But I would recommend using faster harddrives.

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    I just talked to icewarp sales, their mta doesnt offer per domain level throttling.

    Any other recommendations for a mta?

    Also, the hard drives are at 12k rpm

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    Maybe you could check ? Haven't used them myself but it looks pretty good on the paper

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    Take a look at - the ISP version specifically. It offers the features you require and more. Further, it comes in both MS and Linux versions.

    Most enterprise class MTAs have the ability to handle 1 Million plus connections an hour - but not nessecarily 1 Million emails - as it would all depend on the actual message sizes (i.e. bandwidth + disk i/o).

    Realistically, to handle the level of traffic you are looking at (and assuming that it is genuine email messages of varying sizes and not spam) you should really be looking at a small cluster of SMTP servers. Again the Axigen product handles such an environment.

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