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    LF Website/Joomla/Network Support


    I am looking for someone for some support on some Joomla sites, a little network support, small stuff. Small jobs from time to time.


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    I can assist you with such operations. Please get in touch with me either via PM or email and I we can discuss this further. I tried to PM you however an alert came up saying you are not accepting private messages.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Thank you, I sent you an email.

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    24/7 support


    We can provide you 24/7 support. Please drop and email to sales at ideaminetech dot com.

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    I would like offer you my services, I work a lot with Joomla and would be perfect for the job. My contact details are below...

    [email protected]

    phone / text:

    instant message:
    AOL IM: computersteroids
    FLIXSTER: computersteroids
    GOOGLE TALK: [email protected]
    ICQ IM: 146065036
    IBEATYOU: computersteroids
    MEEBO: computersteroids
    MSN IM: [email protected]
    MYSPACE IM: [email protected]
    PICZO: computersteroids
    WADJA: computerst
    YAHOO IM: computersteroids
    YONJA: [email protected]
    ZORPIA: computersteroids
    Computer Steroids - Full service website development solutions since 2001.
    (612)234-2768 - Locally owned and operated in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

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