Most Popular Package:
50 @ 128 Kbps for $9.95 per month
(USA or Europe)

Unlimited FTP storage, Unlimited Bandwidth usage.
AutoDJ Server player included, AutoTV Server player included.
Shoutcast Servers support all LIVE DJs (SAM, Simplecast, etc...)

choose from locations:
- Chicago, IL
- Dallas, TX
- Frankfurt, Germany NEW!
- London, UK

All included starting at $2.95, all Dual Quadcore 100/1000 Mbps hosted

MakeAVoice Radio NEW Desktop Shoutcast Connector for Windows Vista/XP
With this free application download you can control your shoutcast server, autodj server, autotv server and more from the comfort of your desktop!
Free application for all accounts.

MakeAVoice Radio control panel new features:

New SCHEDULER to add playlists and/or songs to play at any time of any day
Example: Play your favorite artist's CD everyday at 9 PM and switch back to regular playlist at 10 PM, while playing an advertisement every 30 minutes.
Great for setting up timed events and promotions!

New Windows Website Player with Visualizer
Added a 2nd option for website players, this one autoplays and has a visualizer, as well as full screen option.

NEW Media Library, view all your mp3s and nsv files with ease!
Play folders or files directly to your Radiostation, move between FTP and Content Storage, all from the website. Alternate: use any FTP Program for quick uploads of folders

NEW Playlists, edit your AutoDJ & TV playlists with ease of new media library features!
Create, Edit playlists of mp3 or nsv files by clicking the files you want on your playlist from the media library, or click them off the playlist to remove.

NEW Google Map integration, view all your listener statistics plotted to the worlds best google map API!
Up to 500 unique IPs can be plotted at once with detailed information per city, showing connect times, length of stay and Player Agent used.

NEW TOP Player Agents, view all the media player agents used to tune-in at your station. View which ones are used most frequently and what time of day.

DJ Login area, give your DJs control over using AutoDJ or Live DJs without giving away precious username/passwords. Separate logins that you can change their password for.

Tons of more features inside,

Preview 1 of Shoutcast Server with AutoDJ Features

Preview 2 of AutoTV and Statistics Features

View live DEMO here
user: scguest
pass: scguest

All Radio & TV Accounts are unlimited upload space (.mp3 and .nsv files), all bandwidth is unlimited! That goes for AutoDJ, AutoTV as well as for live DJ's using SAM, Simplecast, etc. Everything is allowed.

Our control panel has features you wont find anywhere else and at lower prices!

Most Popular Package:
50 @ 128 Kbps for $9.95 per month
(choose USA or Europe)

Automated and Instant Setups, start today!