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    Spam filter gateway

    Can someone recommend a good and fairly cheap spam gateway. The standard cpanel anti-spam setup isn't cutting it anymore and I need something that will do a better job without breaking the bank. Any suggestions?

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    I personally use ASSP and ASSP Deluxe Script.

    ASSP is wonderful spam protection and uses less resources than spamassasin.

    ASSP Deluxe is a script that put's a control panel in WHM and Cpanel

    Daniel at ASSP deluxe is the most friendly and resourceful person. If there is a problem he will fix it.

    They also are always updating it.

    Just my .02

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    Postfix with policyd_weight in front of it (called by Postfix at connection time) will reject the vast majority of Spam with no, I mean zero, spam filter following. Postfix has a nice architecture which makes it easy to pipe mail out of and back into Postfix; one practical benefit of this is that it is easy to pass mail off to an external script / daemon to check the incoming connection against various policy rules - and reject it (or pass it back to Postix) right there. A weighted set of rules ensures that a single RBL hit doesn't reject otherwise legit mail. My setup includes some customizations that include GeoIP lookups - mail from some regions of the world get assigned a higher hurdle to pass.

    Many users would be perfectly happy with that set up alone, in fact our users barely notice when we take our spam content filter (currently using plain ol 'bogofilter' but there are other bayesian and other statistic-driven content filters such as DSPAM) off-line. All our content filter does is tag spam and sieve pushes it into a Junk folder.
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    You can setup your own antispam and antivirus gateway for emails using MailCleaner Open Source edition. The only expense for you would be hardware and co-location. It also supports Clustering and load sharing for huge volume of emails. We have been using it and are pretty impressed with it.
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    Thanks, now I've got some options.

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    Have one look on SPAM Filter ISP its seems good option.
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