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    Netfirms email outage

    I haven't been able to access email (via POP3 or webmail) from any of my domains hosted on since around 9:00 this morning. I reported this to support a couple of hours ago and the only update so far is posted on the Netfirms support/contact page, which says "...some users are experiencing difficulty retrieving their email. We are actively working on fixing this problem and will continue to post frequent updates on this page."

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    me too... any words? their tech support line is like busy all the time

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    We are aware of the email issue affecting our clients and are actively working towards a resolution.

    We have posted a link to a status update page inside every Netfirms Control Panel where updates regarding the issue will be posted. These messages can be seen from the main page once you log in to your control panel.

    Three of our 24 nodes experienced a hardware failure. One has been brought back online and we are working on the remaining two.

    Please check your Netfirms Control Panel for a link to the updates.

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    so what will happen with those e-mail that's being sent to myself from 9 - present? Will I be able to retrieve those e-mail back?

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    Hello there, all emails being sent are currently being queued. They will be accessible once the last two nodes are brought online.

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    Email Issue Update

    Hi there,

    We're pleased to announce that all 24 of our nodes are now 100% operational.

    We have replaced the required hardware on the three nodes and will continue to monitor all nodes throughout the course of the night.

    Over the past two days, we received a massive increase in phone calls which overwhelmed our circuits resulting in customers unable to reach us. We wish to sincerely apologise to those who have been unable to reach us directly.

    We greatly appreciate your patience during this time and thank you for your support while we continue to monitor this situation.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the Care Centre Manager (Pamela Harding) at [email protected]

    Netfirms Support Team

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