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    Email verification questions..

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to choose a web host for my software

    I need to be able to programmatically verify an email
    address, not just the syntax, but to see if it actually

    That, and being able to do the "typical" using the provided
    email address, programmatically send the user an email
    with a link to another page where they can download a
    demo or something.

    So far it sounds like most hosting sites don't want you to do anything using SMPT, to try to verify email addresses, I guess because you might be trying to send spam.

    So my question is am I going to be able to get this functionality
    from the typical "top-10" web hosting companies, or am I going to
    have to pay big bucks to those that cater to businesses?

    Plus, I'll have to be able to connect to my site, via a download
    manager, and download a larger program, because it won't
    fit in a typical email, using it's FTP.


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    You shouldn't have any problem with this. I used to have a program like this running on my site (verify user emails after they sign up). Worked fine, as long as you don't send out massive amount of emails.

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    What you are wanting to do is an integral part of many popular pieces of software such as vBulletin, IPB, phpBB3, SMF, MyBB, etc... I don't think that any quality and reputable provider is going to suspend you for verifying submitted email addresses as long as the users are actually entering their own email addresses and understand that they will be emailed to verify the address.

    If you get a large amount of spam complaints you will have problems at just about any host.
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