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    Sending email - IIS

    So there I am setting up my server to install Saturday and it hits me: "If I want to send an email via script, can I do that?".

    So, if I have IIS installed, what do I need to do to enable people to send email via ASP or .NET ? Hmm?
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    Good question

    Some people seem to install a free activeX control called ASPemail for this, but I thought you could do it equally with the SMTP server built into IIS.

    Of course, you need to instantiate a server object called "CDONTS" (or thereabouts) in your ASP code, and learn the methods of this object, which seems to be about equally complex as the filesystem object.

    Figuring this out is on my list too ...

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    I know how to USE the mail, including CDONTS but have never occurred the compenents installed. I am developer who is co-locating a box so I have to get on the other side now to figure it out.

    ASPMail, I have used that. I will go take a look.

    Stupid, but trying.

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    To use CDONTS, you will need to configure IIS's SMTP service to run. Most other mailer components allow you to specify the IP address / port of the mail server you would like to use.
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    I would recommend a third party mailer, less security to worry about
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