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    The annoying thing about working with clients...

    Is when first they contact you asking if you could provide them with a simple query to empty a few tables in the database. Then you quote them a price, and when you are about to begin, suddenly they want to only delete data from a certain date range, and data that no longer exists in other databases, in a script form to run on a cron job, etc. It is annoying when you double check and ask them if that is all that they want, and when they send you the money suddenly they want 20 other things.

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    Well, "clients" aren't and shouldn't be annoying. I know exactly what you mean, however, it all boils down to you laying the "ground rules" ... and as long as you work as per what the stated requirements / work order you quoted on was, all you'd need to do is mention that the "additional" work is NOT as per the work order, and would be billed as additional time.
    If they really need YOU to do it, they'd be willing to pay for it, if they're trying to pull a fast one, then they'll have another thing coming!

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    Simple enough to tell them the scope of the project has changed and the amount will not cover the additional scripting, no? Annoying, yes, but fixable.
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    Yeah people say that I should set the rules, but the second I politely and respectfully explain the situation to them, they begin to act like 7 year olds and post horrible things about you and create disputes at PayPal and such. I had one guy who I was working with for two years who loved everything I have done for him. Then recently he asked for a free addition to his site and I told him that I was too busy to add a free feature and man he was crying all over that site. I noticed my sales have slowed down due to that one and only complaint, not sure if it is a coincidence or not.

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    That sure is rather unfortunate, but perhaps to counter such negativity, maybe you should try and get some client testimonials up ... stressing on the fact that you charge "fair" fees ... that should put new clients at rest .. and may even help boost sales perhaps?

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    Yeah, basically it is a forum on another site and a lot of people post about my work so the whole forum is a testimonial in a way However the one big complaint stands out when the person posts in all caps with angry emoticons.

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    Well, that is a shame - perhaps you should reply back on the forum (a polite response) with your side of the story?
    A customer who takes into account the complaint AND the logical reply to it, WILL come to you to get work done, and if they don't - perhaps that the sort of client you'd rather not have anyway.

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    Yes, actually I did and the other members replied also that he was wrong. However still I am not sure if new members on the site read all of the responses, they probably just read the topic title or the first post alone.

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    LOL...i saw this and just had to reply!!!!

    I have clients who do that alot. Especially in my home country. You 'lend' your services to clients in a hope to get their particular situation addressed ie coding a webpage, making it valid PLEASE, i have kids and need a super script at a great price etc etc....sooo you be the nice guy and give them two quotes (lowest you will pay and highest you would pay) because sometimes you know the work will be a little more than just that When you're almost finish you receive a call or an email stating that they want another thing added. Then before you even think about resting your head, you get another request and another request.

    I really think some clients are inconsiderate to the wrkrs who actually try to help. I do designs and also have designers and coders under me in my company...and I can directly relate to how they feel when I tell them they are getting a certain payout before a certain time and then have them do extra work or me picking up the slack when I dont have time!!!

    Recently, I did a project for a charitable organization and did not charge them much at all.Only fees I would normally charge my designers I charged them on. Then when I mentioned that we only have 2 more steps to complete in the design they ended up pushing the design works from three days to two weeks because requests just kept coming in!!! When I told the owner that the costs had increased a bit (my designers have families to see about too so they need to be paid accordingly) he wrote back and said the other directors are appalled by the price (which only increased by 50USD more) I am still waiting on payment but I paid my designers from out of my own pocket
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    One time I followed a wanted ad on this site for someone to build a simple mailer form. I said I'd do it for $10. It turned into some complex thing with tons of fields, a little bit of javascript, and I even incorporated it into the site's design for him. Then he wanted me to store the info into a database, and when I told him that I've already put too much effort into this for a measly $10, the guy got all offended and blocked me on messenger. Then I started recieving a bunch of spam emails that start with "Hey Dick", like he signed me up for mailing lists with the name Dick.

    I lol'd irl

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    lol what a dick

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    The way to handle this is simple.

    You point out to them that what they're asking for now is not what they asked you to quote for.

    If they have a problem with this, you have one of two options:

    1) Deliver them exactly what you quoted them for, to the T, and keep their money.

    2) Refund their money.

    The important thing here is to get yourself a contract to protect yourself in these instances. My general agreement with clients is if the project is terminated by them, their down payment is forfeit. They also understand if I've done work that crosses what the down payment covered time wise they will be liable for that expense as well.

    Although, I'm at a point where I can (and have to, sometimes) turn down work that many others may feel compelled to take. Over the years I've gathered a feel for the clients I want to deal with, but more importantly, I've gotten a feel for the clients I DON'T want to deal with. If one of those flags is set off, I turn the project down.

    The other thing I've started doing now (for larger projects... say > 500) is adding a consulting fee up front which is credited towards the down payment if the project is taken.

    I guess my answer is, well, pick better clients. You'll find the better clients not only treat you better, but pay you better too.
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    Yeah I already turn down a lot of clients. Especially those with run on sentences and exclamation marks. An example being:

    "OMG man you are like the best so I would need you do something for me it is really simple and I dont have a lot of money now but I will do my best maybe you can get me a discount????? I promise I will buy more from you in the future and you can only do one simple thing and I will not bother you I know you are busy so do this one simple thing please I have no one else who can do this only you can please help!"

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    Yeah... that hit so many red flags it's not even funny.
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