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    * who are buy dedicated server from burst/nocster !! PLEASE HELP ME NOW!!!

    i am new in dedicated server, i have buy dedicated server from , i receive the conformation today, but i don't know how to open it

    but i don't know use it, because iam new, so who have a server at nocster please help me!

    i want to open a webhosting under,
    so what is nameserver for , how i want to active because i don't know the nameserver


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    Cancel your account and ask for a refund.

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    why i must terminated the account, i want to open a webhosting webpage

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    Originally posted by SynHost
    Cancel your account and ask for a refund.
    i highly agree although it is harsh and may seem rude you dont even know how to register a domain or whatever then you really need to learn alot of stuff before even attempting the webhosting market.

    good luck.

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    Yes, managing a server requires a lot of knowledge and experience if you want to provide quality hosting to customers.

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    i know how to register a domain and every thing but....

    you know i know how to register a domain, but i am first time in dedicated server, i have experience in internet for more 4 years, but in dedicated server is zero experience, so now i want to know how to start to open the dedicated server!


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    Well, you should contact Nocster to help you out. As far as I know, Nocster servers are managed servers.

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    You really should contact them for support, but if you have WHM/Cpanel running your site, you can access it thru https://[IP numbers here]:2087 or http://[IP numbers here]:2086

    the main login will be root
    they would have given you or asked for a password.

    You should have a domain before you go through the wizard.

    The first time you log in, WHM will have a wizard for you to complete. Info is available at
    You will need some info for it from nocster.

    If you don't have WHM, then you really need support.
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    I'd just do what the first to replies suggested. Ask for a refund and use the money to buy a linux book or 2. Read those books and try again in a few months time.

    Just what the wold needs, a host that doesn't even know how to access their own server.
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    LOL, got to love these threads.

    1) Cancel the server
    2) Get a reseller account

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    to K_rul: Dont worries and dont cancel too, but order a reseller account at other host to provide for you clients. Now, you follow skelley1's guide with some your domain (dont use your client's domain).

    To continue, check out and search anything you need or ..., I suggest the first you have to know how to use SSH and what is IPtable, you will meet some problem and you can post in forum: Technical & Security Issues at WHT to get help from WHT's skill members or/and post the ticket to Nocster's helpdesk.

    Good luck to you!
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    I suggest you to buy some books and read forums like this.

    You don't have to cancel the server (I believe nocster does not have money back guarantee, only has) and play with it. You are not ready to start your hosting company yet, you need to learn a lot.

    Maybe hosting business is not for You ? You really need to have a knowledge to run a business, any business.

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    but if you have WHM/Cpanel running your site

    You can do most of what should be done through the WHM gui (95%-98%) (?) but you also need to learn how to do the rest. Maybe a dedicated server is not the best entry point if you are just starting out in web hosting? I would suggest that you get a reseller plan - team up with a good company like or You will have their support staff in your background. Start selling hosting packages and they will always be there with the answers if you don't know how to handle a problem or answer a queston from a customer. Stay with them for some time, build your business and learn in the process - also read some good books about linux and apache administration - then do the switch to a server. Best of luck with your business.


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    hmmm....I have a dedicated server with Nocster, and it was my first server, but I had quite a bit more knowledge than you seem to have.

    as far as support, you will not get much from Nocster I can tell you that right now.

    you did order your sever with WHM/Cpanel didn't you?

    it really might be in your best interest to cancel the order.

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    I agree with the first few replys , if he cant setup can he run a server let alone a business and provide a good product to customers.....If my site was hosted with that guy and it crashed I'd sue the heck out of him...

    /end rant, i need a cigerett...i havent smoked all day.

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