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    Affordable Backlink Service

    Backlink Service

    25 Backlinks + 5 DoFollow Social Bookmark Submissions

    50 backlinks + 10 DoFollow Social Bookmark Submissions

    Where will these backlinks come from?
    The backlinks will come from a variety of locations, on a variety of IP addresses. Blog posts, Blog comments, Resource pages, and some Front pages.

    What are the Pageranks?
    The pagerank of your links location will vary. Blog comments will go on PR1+ blogs, blog posts will go on PR0 blogs, Resource pages will be PR0, and front page links will be on PR1+ sites/blogs.

    Are links on relevant sites?
    The links will be placed on a variety of websites and blogs. Some may be related to your websites theme while others will not. However, these are one-way links so the fact that they are not related will not penalize you.

    What is the turnaround time?
    It will take me a couple hours to get all links up, but the turn around time is right around 3hrs for 50 backlinks. If there are people ahead of you it may take a little longer but all links should be up in a maximum of 24hrs.

    Will My links ever be removed?
    These links will not be removed. All links will per permanent and if a link is removed for any reason bring it to my attention and you will receive another link in return.

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    whats the big deal in it

    so what can be the benefit on PR 0 and 1 links for $ 45

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    Quote Originally Posted by talkman View Post
    so what can be the benefit on PR 0 and 1 links for $ 45
    While those sites are PR0 and PR1 right now - this can change in the future. You receive permanent hard links that won't go anywhere..So if those same sites are PR4 and PR5 6 months down the line - then basically you now have a bunch of PR4 and 5 links for $45. One-way links will help you in the SERPS, whether they are a PR1 or a PR5. Hope this helps

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