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    * -->60%OFF<--VPS start from $2.40, Raid-10,Fast Setup,Fast VPS.More coupon inside!!

    VpsXtra are powered by OpenVZ technology with HyperVM control panel. VpxXtra now offers VPS services in Washington DC Data Center. All VPS's will be setup to you after your first payment is made.
    All our VPS accounts are hosted on servers with at least the following specifications:
    • Intel Core2Quad / Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU (2.5Ghz or above)
    • 8-16GB RAM
    • 4x500GB 10,000 RPM
    • Raid-10 (Hardware)

    All our VPS come with:
    ** 99.8% Uptime Guarantee
    ** Lightning Fast Tech Support - 24/7 Support
    ** Live Chat, & Ticket Based Technical Support
    ** Nightly client backups
    ** Fast, Reliable Network
    ** No overloaded servers!
    ** Full Root SSH Access

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    VpsXtra has four different levels of VPS offerings:

    OUR Newest VPS Plan:

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    Lets take a look at our normal VPS plans:
    - 128MB RAM (256MB Burst RAM)
    - 10GB Disk Space 20GB w/ coupon!
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    - 1x IP Address
    - Equal Share CPU
    $9 /month (Price before discount)- ORDER NOW!

    - 256MB RAM (512MB Burst RAM)
    - 20GB Disk Space 40GB w/ coupon!
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    - 512MB RAM (1024MB Burst RAM)
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    - 1024MB RAM (2048MB Burst RAM)
    - 80GB Disk Space 160GB w/ coupon!
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    $45 /month (Price before discount) - ORDER NOW!

    - 2048MB RAM (4096MB Burst RAM)
    - 120GB Disk Space 240GB w/ coupon!
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    - 3x IP Address
    - Equal Share CPU
    $80/month (Price before discount) - ORDER NOW!



    More Info:

    Datacenter Information
    Our servers are located in the best world class datacenters for maximum uptime, speed and connectivity. We currently have servers in our Washington DC

    Remote Backups
    all accounts are remotely backed up to an external storage!

    FREE & Fast Setup
    Your account will setup ASAP

    24x7x365 Support
    Our support team is available 24 hours/7 Days a week to ensure your service is outstanding!

    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    We guaranteed 99.9% uptime to all our clients otherwise your money back!

    15 Day Money Back Guarantee
    We offer 15 day money back guarantee, if for whatever reason your not happy with our services we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

    Hardware Node Details

    Datacenter details
    With room for over 25,000 dedicated servers, the private N+1 datacenter facility incorporates the following infrastructure:

    • 6000 amps 480v Input Power
    • 6 x 750Kva UPS Battery Backup Units
    • 3 x 2000Kw Diesel Generator with Onsite Fuel Storage
    • Dark Redundant Liebert 30 Ton HVAC Units
    • Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
    • Proximity Security Badge Access
    • Digital Security Video Surveillance
    Network details
    • Multiple Internet Backbone Connections
    • Cisco Systems 10G Network
    • Tipping Point IPS/IDS Protection
    • Arbor Peak flow Traffic Analysis
    • Cisco Guard DDOS Protection

    ++++++ Ready to get started? ++++++
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to our sales team: [email protected]

    We offer multiple payment options, giving you many options to pay with us!
    * All Major Credit And Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
    * Check/Money Order
    * PayPal Verified

    Find out more when you visit
    vpsXtra : World Cheapest VPS Hosting on Fast Server

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    Ok..let's try this again. Writespeak said it was I thought it was.

    Almost 24 hours has passed since I ordered a vps from this "company" vps. If you are planning on signing up..I would advise using the 2CO option.instead of paypal.
    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    Thank You.

    If you using 2checkout you will need to wait around 24 hours before we will know your credit card fraud or not. BUT if you can scand and email your copy of credit card we can accepted and activated your order ASAP.

    For your info we just get new order and paid by 2checkout total $708.00
    but after around 12 hours 2checkout email us and said this order was fraud and fail. Every month we get more than 20 fraud from 2checkout.

    BUT if you can pay by PAYPAL we can activated your accout ASAP.

    Sorry for that to some order by 2checkout.
    vpsXtra : World Cheapest VPS Hosting on Fast Server

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    Ok..right. Ok..why did you ignore my email? 2CO sent a email on my behalf as somebody ain't telling the truth here.

    Good ole blame the credit card processor. Nice one. Still doesn't explain the fact I contacted them since no communication from you.

    >>Nobody in their right mind is emailing a CC image, btw.

    >>>For the record..I did get the vps. Something is not right with this picture, though.

    >>>>>One more thing..if you don't want people using 2CO..don't try and force people into Paypal subscriptions as the only payment method. I don't do Paypal subscriptions..period.

    Last edited by bryonhost1; 09-19-2009 at 10:37 PM.
    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    I am sorry about that happen.

    I just request our account department to check the billing system method.

    Start from 20 September all client pay thru PAYPAL can choose pay only the invoice or use subscriptions.

    For your info you can cancel Paypal subscriptions if you no need the service anymore. Paypal subscriptions is easy to use.

    vpsXtra : World Cheapest VPS Hosting on Fast Server

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    wrong HyperVM user/password

    I paid yesterday morning for a VPS and inmediatelly I got an email with my login information but the HyperVM user/password were wrong, then I opened a ticket but that ticket has not been answered yet (after more than 24 hours).

    Please help me.


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    They are on company holiday for 2 days.
    I got a answer today and they extend my service for 3 days.


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