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    Exclamation Some mail server issue

    Hello everyone,
    First of sorry i m new in all this so forgive me if i act like a noob

    The issue one of my client is just migrate from another hosting to mine now every thing is fine except one thing which is, there is one subdomain which is but this subdomain is not listed in it's sub domain list.

    Now the issue is that this sub domain has some other IP for exp =

    when i try to dig it the very first line was is an alias for =

    But my name server IP is different from it. How can i fix this?

    I check all the stuff on my side like there is nothing wrong in MX entry neither there is any sub domain listed.

    Waiting for kind reply

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    Perhaps the client's old hosting had a webmail application or even the mail server listening on a different IP address ? Compare the DNS zones on both servers to confirm.
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    hi ..just to be clear a subdomain is something like

    (where the xxx is the host and is the subdomain)

    if this is not your case i.e. you are just trying to find out whats going on with the host '' ..the the first thing to look is the registrar and see where the nameserver is pointed to for that domain (it should to your name server) ..if not then you can:

    1. either have the customer change the nameserver entry on the registrar to point to yours and you can adjust your IP to that host

    2. have whoever controls the nameserver the registrar is delegating to - to point that host to the right IP address

    verify this with dig

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    Does your client want to use your email server or continue using the one that he used to?

    If he wants to use your servers, then assuming that the MX record is pointing to , just go ahead and change the IP for the sub-domain mail to your mail server IP. And ask the registrar who controls the domain name to point the domain to your name servers.

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