Hm Ok, what a mad offer right?

Well It's the Orbix Network's 3rd Birthday and to celebrate we thought what better than send a gift out to all our webhostingtalk fans by offering insanely, our custom template design package (usually 400 dollars) for.. wait for it.. $50. Well your companies only 3 once, right?

No shortcuts, no delays, we promise the same design quality, time and the same passion we input into all our creations for you on our birthday.

Oh but it gets better than that... of course it does. The Orbix Network is not just about web design, we've dipped into hosting as well and our pride and joy, OrbixHost, is now offering 3 months free of hosting to all customers who take part in the mad $50 template creation.

That's a premium template + 3 months free hosting on ANY of our hosting packages.. what more could a new start-up web hosting company ask for?

You don't believe us?  well see for yourselves our recent work: www[dot]orbixworks[dot]com/portfolio

We hope you enjoy our birthday as much as we are and from all of us here, it would be a pleasure to hear from you soon,

The Orbix Team

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