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    Need Site Designer

    We have a new site designed, but I do not have the time to get all the data transferred over. The majority is already done and it is just formatting and getting all the information displayed correctly now. This should be an easy job for someone who is a designer unlike myself.

    Job is:

    Transfer all current information from old active site to new site.
    Format all data so it matches and conforms to the new site design.
    Create new display tables for package displays.

    Shouldn't be more than a few hours work for someone. Post your contact details or PM for privacy. I will post when someone has been selected for the job. The time frame is to be complete by Friday hopefully.

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I've sent you a private message in regards to your needs. I look forward in hearing from you and your company. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    We develop brand identity for the web.
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    Services ~ Custom Web Design, Branding & Identity, Development, Hosting & more!
    Portfolio ~ Websites, User Interfaces, Widgets & more!

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    I am very interested in regards to what you need done . I have send a Private Message to you and look forward to the reply from you on behalf of NCServ

    Many Thanks,

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    I can definitely do this for you efficiently and 100% to your standards. Please contact me via AIM or MSN; available in my profile. I look forward to speaking with you!

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    Job has been accepted by a designer.

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