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    * how to scan on upload with rookit hunter

    Hi All,

    I have a Linux server that host files from users, they upload them(mp3,videos,txt files,images) and then other customers buy them.

    My server support is telling me that rootkit hunter and Clamav together are as good as premium(VERY EXPENSIVE) AVG antivirus product for file server,,,,hat do you think?

    secondly, do you know a PHP script that would scan the user files on upload with Rootkit hunter and clamav please???

    Thank you very much,


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    Why not just store the uploaded files in a location where they can't be executed, and avoid the whole mess?

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    no, this is not what I need, when people think about antivirus they always think about their own server, this is not the point, my point is that the users will upload and download files from my business, this means that most of the users will have windows machines and will be more likely to get the viruses I am hosting(if any), this is why I wish to scan each uploaded files, I Just want to be assured that the user will not download a virus.
    About not executing files on the server, this is another point but not the one I wish to change.

    Thank you,


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    How are files uploaded to the server? If it's a single point of entry (a php script for example), it should be easy to modify the code to launch a scanner on the uploaded file(s).

    If you can't afford commercial virus scanner, you will have to use one of the OSS options. They're not that bad at all.

    Let me know if you have any question or comment.

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    Free ClamAV is a great anti-virus tool, as far I know it differs from the commercial ClamAV: the database of the free ClamAV updates with the 1 week delay.

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