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    shmpages in black zone on new vps


    I have a 2 week old vps, it uses virtuozzo, and has centOS5 with plesk8. So far all I've done with it is logon to the vituozzo power panel, and switch on the services for plesk. This then allowed me to logon to plesk.

    1 week later, I tried to logon to plesk again, I could but it said it was unable to display the page (error 500 i think), so I logged on to virtuozzo power panel, here I saw that the auxilliary UBC shmpages was in the black zone, and had been continuously for several days. numproc had also been in the red zone from time to time.

    Is this the reason I can't use plesk?

    I'm really suprised that before I'm really even using the vps I seem to be hitting these limits. I've read my VZPP VPS administrator guide, but it hasn't helped me to understand how to troubleshoot this problem. This is all very new to me, but I would really appreciate any pointers any of you can give me.

    If I haven't supplied enough info, please just let me know and I will do my best to provide it.



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    If you contact your host they should increase your shmpages size for you.

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    Hi guys and thanks for the advice.

    I hadn't done this yet because I'd read in another thread that:

    'Different services will use a different amount of shmpages. Looking at some standard Virtuozzo templates, this should be set to around 25000 for standard use. Plesk itself eats some of that (in the neighbourhood of 8400 I believe), Apache can take up to 2000, plus anything else you have running.'

    My hard limit is 32,768 and as such I thought it sounded as though this was a reasonable limit....

    Any comments? What do you think is a reasonable limit? And do any of you know how to drill down and establish what exactly is causing this?

    Thanks again for your time,


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