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    restoring database for site moving moving on a reseller problem

    i have a reseller and im having problems moving clients to it this is because this is my 1st time hosting i dont have the backup manager option in whm so it makes things hard and my host dosent seem to help i would move but i need a very secure server..

    well... i can easyly restore the home directory files via uploading them via the backup restore option located in cpanel but when it comes to restoring the database im totaly stuck ive tried everything backup database restore in cpanel but this just gives me a 503 hafl way thru and buy copying pasting the entire database in sql in myphpadmin.. which just lags my pc and crashed my browser

    i cant even find a tutorial how to do it on google lol

    id really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction on this or hook me up with a tutorial

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    blah no1 knows i guess figures

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    Maybe you should contact your new host and ask if they will restore a full backup for you. That way you wouldn't hae to worry about it. Over than that you could export it from shell and import it again. That also requires shell access though, which you may not have
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    The thread at might be useful.
    But you will still need the cooperation of your new host as SSH access is needed

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