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    DNS subdomains on the cheap (zoneedit, google apps)

    Say I own My registrar provides only very basic DNS management so I've pointed the nameservers to's and I'm using that.

    Problem is, I'd like to set up third and fourth-level subdomains but can't see how to do it.

    I know how to add simple aliases for by adding CNAME records for, but I'm lost how to set up "deeper" subdomains.

    Basically, I want to be considered a full domain name with its own CNAME records (so I can set up alias) and MX records (so I can set up [email protected])?

    I should mention I rely on Google Apps and Google sites for hosting so I have no fixed IP address to point the A record for, I rely only on CNAME records as this is what Google allows - they don't provide a fixed IP address).
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