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    I've never written any reviews before but now the time has come I guess.

    Okay, on 7 September 2009 I ordered few more dedicated servers from different hosting providers as I were expanding my network.

    I wanted to give a chance to hosting companies I never worked before as well. Cubichost was one of the companies I'd selected.

    I contacted Cameron (the owner) via AIM and figuered out the custom setup was neccesary as they did not offer double HDD with standard packages.

    Okay I registered with their web site, paid the invoice and opened support tickets regarding second HDD and custom disk partitioning.

    Next day 8 Sept I received the notification they are changing the spec as they did not have necessary hardware in place.

    By the 9 Sept I received welcome emails from all other hosting providers. That was why I was busy with installations and configurations during weekend.

    I updated the ticket with Cubichost at least once a day asking for news about my server. Cameron constantly answered the server was going to be delivered within few hours.

    Today is 15 Sept but still I have not received welcome email from Cubichost and they stopped updating the ticket.

    I guess all of you who are going to order a server from them think twice before doing this.

    PS: Taken from their web site: "We promise to leave you 100% satisfied." Totally ridiculous.

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    That is sad.

    Did they tell you of the server setup delay?

    If they do not reply, then tell them you will do charge back....
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    We do apologize about this one. Our datacenter contact was out of town on an emergency that weekend, and for some reason took a couple days to come around to setting this one up.

    We offered free upgrade to 1 GB RAM / 120 GB HDD in return for the wait but of course time is time and your decision to cancel was 100% justified.

    We provided a full refund via paypal, and in the future we have a few servers already setup waiting to be plugged in and logged into. This should make for speedy setups

    Also in the near future, a few months down the line, we plan on getting a FULL RACK in the datacenter. With a 32 port KVM over IP switch, Remote reboot ports on every server, as well as virtual media support, this will make the process 100% remote making for < 12 hour setups possible. Cant wait for this to happen!

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