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    Exclamation Ircd Reseller Hosting?

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    What is IRCD?

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    Platform,, it depends how big each server would be.

    Various networks require different bandwidth ammounts.

    If you had an idea of
    1. how much monthly transfer you need
    2. how many servers you would be looking to run

    you would get a better response
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    IRCD's do tend to run bandwidth, due to the continuous flow of data going through it. It's best to limit your plans by the amount of users allowed per ircd. The average maximum/minimum clients per server is 1024. And your prices should start at $15 or higher per month.

    You may want to get in contact with -- I'm not sure if they have a reseller program or not, but it's worth a shot to ask.

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    well let me say somethings..

    i searched at yahoo /altavista for ircd hosting services. But i couldn't find any " serious IRCD service " on net.
    Why seriosu and big hosting companies dont give IRCD services for their costomers. i think , many of ircd hosting (!) web sites ( Not companies - ) are bot commericial..maybe its his home PC and givingircd services from home pc...etc..etc..
    why? do you know any serious IRCD service?
    for example a firend say herethat " " ..but i can not enter his web i never buy any services from he..( please dont understand me wrong ) only my opinon..

    Please help me!!i am lokking for a good IRCD hosting...
    - i can pay with credit card montly
    -uptime %99

    i only want to host our irc domain name.

    Please give advice to me..

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    Try speaking with, and tell him that Kyle told you to ask him. He has some dedicated servers, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind a reseller. But what I think you may have to negotiate with him is selling for a base price, and then you put your price on top of that.

    I don't understand a few sentences you wrote up above, but is working fine for me. You can email [email protected] and ask them about reselling at a base price.


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    Dear Firend, i can not enter homepage. i think it has a problem.

    i am looking a good and Firendly IRCD Hosting..Please help me! Don't you know any?
    we changed 6 IRCD Hosting! 1 mounth ok, 2 mounth ok...and then? Puffff is is always like this..
    we havenearly 120-130 users on our IRC Chat..and its will be maybe 250-300 in this next mounths.

    we are paying 10 $ per/mounth in Turkey for this IRC server..But its very slow, it has LAG, and always down


    i am waiting for your opinions...

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    and one thing more to say..
    why i wrote " i want a reseller IRCD Package "
    because, in Turkey, there is no good IRCD Hosting and there are Hundreds of IRCD server. But no services, no customer support, slow servers, LAG...etc..
    so i thought, maybe i can give a good service for them, by buying this reseller package..
    IRCD services are really abig PROBLEM IN TURKEYfor web sites& Portals..every webmaster can not buy a dedicated server ( 200 /per mounth) for his web he buy a IRCD Packagefor 10 -15 $ per mounth..its so economic..

    Lets share your opinions with me..

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    they are afraid of ddos and other attacks against irc server/network... all script kiddies do it to get splits and op rights on irc channels

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