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Thread: VPS OS

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    VPS OS

    Out of curiosity, what kind of OS are provided by VPS hosts?

    I'm thinking there must be several VPS that run on the same server. Is this like cloud computing?

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    Most common ones are CentOS and Debian, but there are hundreds you can pick from.
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    I think, Linux - centOS ,FedoraCore and Debian are the most common and widely used OS but there are lot mores.
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    With Xen you can have as many as you like running off the same machine

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    It always depends on your needs, if you only want a Webserver I recommend you choose Cent OS, but if security is your number one aspect then maybe OpenBSD would be better. It is up to you but I suggest you try the OS on your own computer or inside an virtualization on your computer before you actually order your VPS.

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    I personally prefer centos, most of reputable vps providers use it.

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    Pretty much any OS works, depends on the provider, but i'd recommend CentOS personally

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    Why is somebody not talking about windows here
    We have plenty of Windows VPS around
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    Quote Originally Posted by allennbb View Post
    Why is somebody not talking about windows here
    We have plenty of Windows VPS around
    True! Windows 2008 / Windows 2003 to add to your list
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    8 out of 10 of our clients choose CentOS.

    i personaly prefer gentoo.


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    There are number of Linux flavors available with VPS but Linux CentOS is the most preferred OS for VPS. Also, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 option is available with the VPS. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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