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    Will cloud computing take over traditional web hosting?

    What do you guys think? Will cloud hosting pose a threat to traditional web hosting models?

    With Google, Amazon, IBM, etc now entering the cloud computing business, business gets even tougher for small scale hosting providers. Pretty soon the big boys will have their technology ready and will give out free cloud computing space (say 1 or 2 gigs) and charge the heavy users.

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    I suppose the question of the support and personal care will keep existing paid web hosting solutions alive

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    Not at all. I assume that will depend on the readability of the services which will be provided for free
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    Will it take over? I don't think so - at least not anytime real soon.
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    Hosting - as we know it - is not about providing servers, networks, clouds, ... Yes it is part of it, but after all it's a utility, like electricity, now provided as such by the likes of Amazon, ...
    Hosting is more about providing a service to your customers: tools, support, ...
    Maybe the question is: will hosters - such as us - operate data centers? The answer is clear: No! At least they shouldn't ...
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    Conventional hosting companies will being using cloud technologies more and more to provision their services. it won't be the death of those companies, because their strength is the service that they offer, not the technology or implementation.

    Using individual servers to host websites will probably be a thing of the past soon.
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    As "cloud computing" becomes more of the "norm" the larger quality providers larger companies are already using will offer these services and then smaller providers will eventually transition over if there is any real benefit to be had.

    Realistically I doubt the end-user experience is going to change much, no matter how you slice it you're not going to get more than $1 worth of CPU/Memory/Storage/Transfer for $1 in the end.
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    Hi John,

    Cloud computing as a concept of building web hosting infrastructures is definitely killing the traditional way of doing web hosting, buy using a standard low cost rack-mountable servers. Of course clusters and load-balancing aren't something new, but contemporary websites and applications require more resources, so using any kind of cluster or cloud architecture which utilizes virtualization (it must do it actually) is a must for any web host that wants to expand business.

    One of the things that make most people, not to move to the clouds is the pricing model (per usage) that cloud hosting provider utilize. It makes the cloud web hosting services more expensive than those produced from non-scalable and unbalanced hosting infrastructures, especially in Shared Hosting and low cost VPS and Dedicated hosting niches.
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    yes and no - I think most of the WHT guys will start moving their shared platform to the cloud. So, rather than buying dedicated servers and splitting them up in shared accounts, many would see the light and realize that they are able to install cpanel/DA/Plesk etc on the cloud (like amazon etc) and resell them like dedicated servers.

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    Yeah I think most of the existing infrastructure is going to transition to a cloud, but in a normal hosting setup, I don't think the end user experience will change. All these other cloud companies are running an app over the cloud, not over one server. Google apps for example is running on a cloud, and that is definitely the future but just means a shift not the end of hosting companies.

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    Hosting is already considered cloud computing.

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