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    3/4 letter domain names

    what is a good place to find 3/4 letter domain names(assuming any left)?

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    They are out there, I don't know where, but they are. I just had a client buy a bunch of 4 letter domains about a month ago and then they asked me what to do with em. lol
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  3. #3 is a good place to look for domains for sale.

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    There is searchable list for 3/4 letter domain name just try to google. This will help you to narrow your search quite little bit.
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    I uaually go to Godaddy!

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    I'd also suggest looking at GoDaddy Auctions. Every 4 letter .com in their auctions get's their minimum bid of $10. I'd say a lot of them go for that price too. Of course we are not talking about 4 premium letters here.
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