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    What's your bounce rate?

    My organic bounce rate is very high(60 - 80%), 50% is the lowest I could ever get it to.

    Any advice?

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    It's just a matter of whether or not you are attracting traffic interested in your content and making the content "better" for the purpose of making visitors want to visit other parts of your site. It's difficult to give specific advice without knowing what your site is all about.

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    You could try another landing page version. There are google tools that let you test multiple content pages to help gain conversions and lower bounce rates.

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    celebrity blog about 80%, photo blog %70, relationship advice site %30. Yes G count it in my opinion, if you have a big kwd "real estate" and hight bounce, you get included in SERPS for a day, than reincluded for smaller kwd "real estate bla" and so on untill bounce gets less or there no other sites to show in serps. Use something to make sure your readers go to some where else not back.

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    Bounce rate depends on the fact is your website visited by targeted users or not. So try to make incoming links from topic related websites only.

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    The lower the better as people are staying and looking at the content of your site instead of just moving along to the next site. There was a video of a SEO specialist talking about bounce rate as being the most representative analytic. He was also saying that a number to strive for should be 30 to 35%.

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    im not to clued on bounce rates to be honest but i have been learning better SEO but from my google analytics it is telling me my bounce rate is 43.40%

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    Currently the bounce rate to my entertainment site is 26.91% according to Google Analytics and it was 35.77% last year this time. I think entertainment sites always have a lower bounce rate when compared to many other sites due to their nature.
    Content is very important to improve your bounce rate so keep on improving/adding content to keep people comming back for more.
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    My personal blog is at 11.3%
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    For ppc, my bounce rate is around 20%, organic 45% and facebook 30%.

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    Guys sorry for the newbie questions but what are the rates you are talking here about?

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    bounce rate = the time for which visitor stays at particuar page.
    more the bounce rate is not sea friendly.
    bounce rate should be 20-30%
    bonce rate > 50 is not good.

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    Yeah we have our personal best of 36% but recently it has spiked to 52% yup thinking of redesigning the entire website.

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    may be your site take a long time in loading your site shouldn't exceed 500 kb

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    Everything takes time. patience will be the most efficient advicement.

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    My Style Advice site is around ~50-60%, can't really do anything at it. I don't look at the bounce rate as a bad thing, that just means you got 1 extra unique and 1 extra page view which you didn't have before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnch View Post
    My organic bounce rate is very high(60 - 80%), 50% is the lowest I could ever get it to.

    Any advice?
    it means visitors are not staying on your site. I think you should try to change your content.........

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    my bounce rate is 36% totally and i don't use ( PPC )

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    What is a bad bounce rate depends entirley on your traffic sources.

    But traffic from google image search always runs at 80% plus.

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    bounce rate is one the important factor in ranking in google.
    try to put some attractive things on your home page to make users stick to your contends like small flash games, sudoko some thing like that

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    Bounce rate

    I have a question regarding the bounce rate.
    Lets say some company has 100 employees & each employee has a computer on which default page is company website. Company has a website of rought 3-4k visitors each month. Most employees however go off the company website with the turn of their browser, how much reflect it does on the bounce rate? Is it advisable to have the company website set as default page?
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    Bounce rate high means either your content is not of good quality to keep the visitors engage in your site or your visitor's are landing to the wrong pages for your keywords through search engines ,which problem I already have faced earlier.

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    50% is my highest bounce rate across a lot of sites.

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    that depends on a lot of things. for a site that gets little search engine visibility and lets say that only the brand name is visible on the se's, then the bounce rate will be very low, as users who are searching for that specific brand are less likelly to bounce.

    sites who get more visibility have normally an higher organic bounce rate as more untargeted users will be caught.

    I've worked on some major news portals and bounces for organic traffic are generally quite high as they are capturing so many users. Think about it as fishing with a really big net in the ocean, you are bound to get a lot of stuff on it that isn't exactlly what you are trying to fish for, and you are going to bounce that back to ocean

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    use these tips you will reduce bounce rate
    Install YARPP on your blog to create a list of related posts at the end (or beginning) of your post in the similar category.
    Speed up your Wordpress blog and install WP Super Cache to make your blog load as quickly as possible.. giving the visitor less of a chance to click the back button.
    Use interesting images at the start of your articles to spark a userís interest in your content.
    Make sure your blog is simple, easy to read and isnít cluttered with unnecessary widgets and code.
    Calming and Neutral colours can be your best friend.. A LOUD blog can either make visitors love your site or hate it depending on their personal tastes.
    Create a ďMost PopularĒ articles section on your sidebar and be sure to make interesting titles to attract that second click.
    Making links open in a new window.. Keeps the visitor on your site and still allows you to link out to other websites without adding to your current bounce rate

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    My bounce rate 80% disaster..

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    One might argue that improving bounce rate and conversion rate is more about web analytics or overall online marketing but nowadays people canít pretend that SEO is somehow not part of those disciplines or the other way around both of them not being part of SEO.

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    Currently at around 50%. Pretty happy with that.

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    Bounce rate IMO is dependent on two things - a) are you targeting keywords that are relevant to the landing pages? and b) are the landing pages of a high enough quality to sell the visitor in an interesting manner on the topic the page is ranking for.

    Gettin your SERP title and description correct will not only improve your traffic but your bounce rate.

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    the landing page design should be very much user friendly and the visitor should be able to view what s/he is looking for without even scrolling down the page.
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