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    * For all the pyrates, you should rethink your game...

    ... or the most out of date piracy video ever.

    Good for a laugh.
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    I was amused until the Klingons showed up. Now I'm baffled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bear View Post
    I was amused until the Klingons showed up. Now I'm baffled.
    I was waiting for that comment. Hehe, you should have seen the office around 3 PM when there was more warm bodies, and I was doing a little dance to this jig. Obviously the humor in this updated version of "Don't Copy that Floppy", is meant to be so apparent...sheesh, I hope so.

    You know, maybe they are just aiming at the adolescent demographic. I know my 8 yr old cousin is always leeching music and movies through various protocols.
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