Load balancing comes standard - with all accounts.

Compare Hosting Plans In our unique cluster web hosting architecture, every hosting account is load balanced across the entire cluster. Traffic spikes are automatically routed to different nodes, ensuring that every site is always available. Don't be lured into the promise of high performance claimed by "virtualized" architectures. Trust true load balancing for scalability.

Start as big as you'd like, add more power whenever you need it.

We can assign your website to the shared nodes in the cluster, configure it to run on a particular dedicated or semi-dedicated node, and even provide multiple dedicated nodes just for your site. Load balancing your website on multiple dedicated servers is a phone call away. Even with a dedicated node, a small amount of your traffic will be load balanced to the cluster - so if the node were to ever go down, your site will continue to be served by our shared cluster.
  • Redundant hot/standby load balancing routers for High Availability.
  • High performance next-generation clustered file system - no NFS here!
  • Fibre Channel RAID 5 storage for maximum reliability and speed.
  • Tier 1 Data Center facilities with N+1 redundancy from cooling to switches
  • Custom hosting control panel designed for clustering.
  • Custom cluster design for colocation of highly available networks.
  • Reseller and white-label programs available.
  • Semi and Dedicated Nodes include shared cluster "fail over"

Please contact [email protected] for your specific need.