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    PHP Background Conversion // FFmpeg Video Script

    I wonder if anyone can help me here.. I'm running the Social Media script on a dedicated server with DedicatedNOW and can get x video format to convert to .flv fine. As soon as I enable the "Background Conversion" setting the video doesn't play all the way through though. When I check the process in WebHost Manager I can see that it does start but stops after only a few seconds or so. Due to this the filesize of the .flv file is about 247kb where as it should be something like 2.4mb.

    Anyone know what would stop the "Background Conversion" feature to not work on a dedicated sever?

    Btw it definitely isn't a problem with the Social Media script because I also tried vShare but got the same results.

    This is what the setting is supposed to do

    "If set to yes, users will not need to wait for the video to encode. Instead, the video will be uploaded in its original format and encoded in the background."

    What's strange is this will working on any Shared FFmpeg Enabled Host yet it isn't having any of it on a Dedicated Server

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    Any log of the conversion?

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    No log. Very strange.

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    Compare the php.ini settings such as output_buffering, max_execution_time etc, you may also need to check if mod_security is not causing any trouble.
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    There should be a log or you need to enable it. Are you using cpanel?

    Anyway, I am also on the social media forum. You can PM me there with your server info and I'll give you a hand. I've helped a few people there. Its probably something silly (or not). Last time I had to help on SM forum do a recompile (since I was feeling nice that day .

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    Just an update to say that DedicatedNOW have now got FFmpeg working for me so that I can use Background Conversion, Video Thumbnail Preview and FLV Conversion.

    I have also got FLV Conversion and Video Thumbnail Preview working for Mencoder too. For some reason Background Conversion is not though. Anyone know what would cause background conversion not to work with Mencoder?

    Strange how Background Conversion works with FFmpeg but not Mencoder??

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    Setup new/better server in an attempt to try getting background conversion to work with Mencoder - nada. I cannot convert any videos whatsoever now - not even with FFmpeg. DedicatedNOW say all tools are installed correctly.

    This is p***ing me right off now

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    I keep getting this error show up in error_log

    Module 'ffmpeg' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

    Googling "Module 'ffmpeg' already loaded in Unknown on line 0" I found these threads

    Might be same problem. I know Sweet fa about Linux though so am at a loss.

    I have host say all tools installed correctly and have developer of script saying they haven't been installed properly. if the script was an object i would have thrown it out of the window a long time ago lol

    Also in admin panel of script I get

    FLV Encoding Error - Mencoder ( More information )
    The FLV file was not generated. Please check your encoding tools and paths.

    My head hurts

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    sounds like the manual compile or manual install didn't go well. Its hard to say what the problem is unless there's more info.

    Anyway I can still give you a hand on the weekend if you need it. I see you still have issue (and on the SM forums ).

    No charge. Its a challenge for me.

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