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    Template Integration With Main Site Template

    I'll try and make this as simple as possible to understand. These sites.....

    all integrated with the template I created. But I'm having trouble with the one on

    Do anyone know whats wrong. View it in internet explorer please too. And you will notice bigger differences with bottom footer especially on some games. And I'm having some trouble with left menu bars.

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    There's a <center> tag in that seems to have some padding/margin, and its pushing down the left blocks.

    It's also a good idea to validate your page on Although its just an outline tester, it does give you some useful feedback about any coding errors you've made.

    Another advice would be to use Mozilla Firefox when developing websites, and to install the Web Developer Extension with it. Then after install hit Outline > Outline Current Element and hover over the area's that cause problems. Although you have the problems in another browser than IE, it does give you some more info about your site structure and what might cause the problem.

    Good luck in bughunting!
    hi there!

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