www.demowolf.com - Update!!

New Pricing... our lowest ever!!
- All regular and sale prices have been lowered!!
- New Savings Bundles released - save up to 70% off!!
- Higher "Trade-In" discounts - get a 75% discount!!
- Higher "Re-Branding" discounts - now 80% off!!

Newly updated Hosting Tutorials page (new, easier navigation)...
New reorganized home page...
New "Hot Deals" page...

and finally... New Tutorials Released this summer!

We've gone through our entire inventory of tutorials and lowered our regular and sale prices on EVERYTHING. Not only have we continued our "50% off" sale pricing, but we've lowered all our regular prices so the end result is... there's never been a better time to get your own branded Hosting Tutorials for your business!

We've also updated our Savings Bundles to reflect all the new tutorials we've released in the last several months. In the last year, we've DOUBLED the number of tutorials available in our inventory... from 1,900 in August 2008, to over 3,600 as of right now. Because of this growth, some of our bundles have become out of date, and didn't include some of the newer tutorials we'd been releasing. It made it more difficult to get everything you wanted in a savings bundle, without having to contact us first. Not anymore! You can check out our brand new bundles here: http://www.demowolf.com/bundle-and-save.php as well as the new higher discounts on each bundle!!

If these new bundles don't match exactly what you need, then you can easily take advantage of our CUSTOM BUNDLES where you can also save up to 70%!

HIGHER "TRADE-IN" DISCOUNTS!! - Save 75% off!!
Already have flash tutorials from a competitor? Many times they're out of date, or perhaps you want our Voice tutorials that nobody else offers? Upgrade to DemoWolf standard or Voice tutorials now, and save 75% off our prices! More details: http://www.demowolf.com/bundle-and-save.php

Remember... once you're a DemoWolf client, you'll NEVER pay top dollar for tutorials again! Because now if you ever need your tutorials rebranded...

Have a new logo? Or have another company or brand that needs hosting tutorials? Save 80% when you have your existing tutorials re-branded with a new logo! In other words, once you have one copy of our tutorials, you'll never pay the regular or regularly discounted prices again!! 80% off!!! http://www.demowolf.com/bundle-and-save.php

We've been growing, and with growth sometimes comes growing pains. Our Hosting Tutorials page had become so cluttered that it was hard to find the tutorials you were looking for. Tutorials for many different languages were all displayed in the same place, making it difficult to distinguish them. So we've completely reorganized that page... check it out: http://www.demowolf.com/pricing.php

The main changes include:
- New tab system for Standard vs Voice tutorials - Now our list only includes either voice or non-voice tutorials... not both. Tab back and forth between them to see what you might need!
- New sub-tab system for languages - Now only the English tutorials are displayed initially, with all other languages available by clicking the appropriate language tabs. You can easily navigate between English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Brazilian, Russian, Czech or Bahasia tutorials.
- New "Watch Now" buttons for every series, tied into our Nested-Floatbox system of viewing tutorials.
- Quick indicators letting you know if a tutorial series is also available in a Voice version, or in other languages.
- Regular and Sale pricing is more clearly labeled, as are the "Buy Now" buttons.
- New sub-categories of tutorials to make tutorial series easier to locate.

We've also spruced up our home page so the main points we want to convey are displayed more clearly, and created a completely new "Hot Deals (Bundle and Save)" page since there was so much new to display in that area.

... and we've re-organized our main menu links to better reflect all these changes.

Following is a list of the new tutorials we've released just in the last 2 months. All tutorials can be viewed from our NEW Hosting Tutorials page. Check them out!

WHM 11 Setup series (29 demos)
WHM 11 Services series (33 demos)
WHM 11 Accounts series (35 demos)
WHM 11 Management series (24 demos)
Joomla New Setup VOICE series (20 demos)
Joomla New Admin VOICE series (17 demos)
Joomla New CMS VOICE series (17 demos)
Joomla New Extensions VOICE series (18 demos)
Joomla New End-user VOICE series (12 demos)
cPanel 11 x3 end-user FRENCH series (31 demos)
Horde FRENCH series (11 demos)
SquirrelMail FRENCH series (10 demos)
RoundCube FRENCH series (10 demos)
Fantastico FRENCH series (47 demos)
Drupal FRENCH series (14 demos)
Gallery FRENCH series (11 demos)
WHMCS 4 End-user series (10 demos)
WHMCS 4 Setup series (22 demos)
WHMCS 4 Management series (14 demos)

I hope everyone had a great summer! For us it was too short... the weather didn't start to get really nice until late July... I'm not sure what happened to May and June... just so much rain!

Even in the traditionally slower summer months, business at DemoWolf continues to be strong... as once again HostingCon turned out to be a huge success for us. We always enjoy meeting existing clients and sharing a drink or two with friends new and old... and of course spreading the "DemoWolf word" and securing new clients! We hope to see you all again in Austin, Texas for HostingCon 2010 next year.

But now it's time to get back down to business. We've been working hard on the above changes for several weeks, and I hope you find the changes helpful! Perhaps you know you need tutorials on your website, but were waiting for the best possible time to get them? Well, if pricing was the issue... then NOW would be EXACTLY the right time. Browse our new Hosting Tutorials page and see if there's tutorials you're missing... there's lots of new inventory, and they'll surely help in reducing your overall support costs!

Thanks for your time and as always...

Happy Hosting!

P.S. For more information, you may contact DemoWolf by visiting their website at www.demowolf.com, or by calling toll free 1-866-905-4678.

Thank you!