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    Cookies Not Working?


    I've got a strange computer problem.

    Earlier today, I noticed that I needed to keep logging in over and over again to different websites... Then, one of them said, "You need cookies enabled to browse this site."

    I checked my privacy settings, and yes, I have them enabled.

    I use Netcaptor to browse. I then tried IE6, same problem. Then I tried Phoenix, same problem.

    Now, I'm not sure if this is connected, but when I boot up, I get a dialog box saying, "System Error: Could not login to network. There has been a duplicate user detected."

    Nothing in the XP Knowledge Base. I'm stumped.


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    This is probably little help but my experience with XP is that rebooting often doesn't help. Shut down your computer fully, then walk away for a while, then restart the machine.

    'Warm' reboots seem to retain a lot of 'data' that prevents some issues clearing out, while a full shutdown/restart often works on odd issues that appear out of nowhere when you know you haven't installed/altered the operating system

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    You may need to cut power also! As the power is continously fed to the system even though it's switched off. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    And do not forget to dust the box and to wide open the windows as residual traces of error might still be in the area.

    These problems look like the same thing. Bacause you are not logged in, you can not write to whereever cookies for your user should go. It's been a while since I saw w2k, but this might be related to something you changed in the network settings.

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    XP is strange. It sometimes hijacks files that are no longer used, saying they are still being used by someone else. Maybe the problems are related?
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I've fixed that odd error message. Someone must have been on my system and set my system name to "MAIN" which is already used on my LAN.

    However, even though that is fixed, the cookies issue still remains.

    I've tried powering off my system to no avail... I'm running out of ideas.

    Nick --
    - Nick Mahon
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    Throw it out the window. I've been tempted to do that to mine several times. Like one time, I took apart my whole computer, made it all nice and neat. Put it back together, and I have no sound. I go through everything re-installed the sound card, re-installing the drivers, changing speakers. Then I had my Dad come up, and I realized I'm either color blind or there's an odd tint in my room. I had the sound plug put into the "blue" slot (I thought it was green) rather than the green slot.

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    Whoops --

    Problem was that my date was set a year ahead
    - Nick Mahon
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