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    Need server suggestion

    Without running into limits, what kind of software and hardware setup such as server specs (vps, hybrid, dedicated, cluster, cloud, etc) do I need to support this:

    - 50,000 nearly simultaneous users (interacting with a php-driven script on an html web page)
    - Each page refresh would transfer only about 100 bytes of data returned only to the requesting user, not forwarded to anyone.
    -data is pulled from mysql db for each page refresh.
    -Users interactive session would last about 15 minutes with about 10 page refreshes per user per minute.

    Pls explain calculations/considerations.
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    Separate web/db servers, with a lot of RAM on the database for quick transactions, as well as 1gbps link between the two. Lots of optimizations should be done to both servers as well as the application in order to keep the hardware requirements down. SA-SCSI drives should be used, with a decent raid card, as well as some of the new Nehalem servers, or dual quad setups, depending on how processor intensive your application is.
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    Two Dual Quad CPU servers,
    one with SSD drives for the SQL db - with raid
    one with sata drives for the web content / images - with raid

    you could even go for an I7 cpu, its all up to you and your budget. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    I am wondering if a VPS can do it. Why or why not? the data is only 100 bytes.

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    A core i7 would be great for you. See if you can find a Core i7 based VPS with lots of RAM .
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    Quote Originally Posted by seolink View Post
    I am wondering if a VPS can do it. Why or why not? the data is only 100 bytes.
    When you are talking about that many connections, the size of the data is moot. Dedicated is the way to go, split out across more than one sever.

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