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    Nortel 455x series comparable Cisco model?

    Hi I used so far Nortel switches like Nortel 4550T-PWR, recently few of them died and since they have only 1 year of warranty i'm looking into other options.

    To Nortel is this Cisco comparable model Catalyst 3750 (p/n: WS-C3750-48TS-S) or this Catalyst 3560 48 10/100 + 4 SFP IPB Image(p/n: WS-C3560-48TS-S) ? If is some other model please let me know, and i got around 20 nortel switches 2xxx, 4xxx and 5xxx series and at at least once a year one dies is that normal? They are properly installed in server rooms so there is no overheat issue.

    And how much warranty Cisco gives on their switches which are comparable to 4xxx and 5xxx series of Nortel.

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    I don't really know much about nortel switches to be honest, but from a very quick/basic look at the Nortel 4550T-PWR, it's a layer 3 switch, which would be more along the lines of the 3560. The exact model that would be about the same (in my opinion) would be the 3560-48PS. That would give you 48 10/100 POE ports + 4 SFP ports whereas the nortel gave you 48 10/100 POE ports and 2 "combo" ports for the gig interfaces. Just as a little tidbit, I LOVE the 3560 switches.

    ETA: Here's a link to the cisco model comparisons for the 3560's. Model Comparison
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    The hardware warranty available on Cisco Catalyst 3750-E, 3560-E, 3750, Catalyst 3560, Catalyst 3550, Catalyst 2970, Catalyst 2960, Catalyst 2950, Catalyst 2940, Catalyst Express 500, and Catalyst 3500 Series Switches is the Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty. This warranty automatically comes with the purchase of eligible Cisco Catalyst products, free of charge.

    Thank you Cisco for finally copying HP.

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