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    Red5 or FMS Shared Hosting


    I'm a Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 programmer and I am working on (or just trying to) make a multiplayer game. It does work locally but when I access it remotely it doesn't connect.

    I don't know if I can fix this issue from Red5 so I decided to see if there are some cheap hosts which could offer Red5 hosting may be.

    This is not about Video or Audio streaming. Its simple shared object based and probably doesn't take up more than a few bytes of bandwidth.

    My only aim in buying the hosting as of now is to test to see if this experiment that I have in mind is actually going to work.

    If it did work, I'll definitely buy a dedicated server for it. But for now I need to test this all.

    Is there a possible solution? If yes, how much will it cost?

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    They offer Red5 hosting on a shared plan.

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    You need to look into Flashes access security.. Local access is unrestricted but you could be having security issues, not host related issues
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