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    Inquire about the server vps

    Good night
    Youth want to Alasevsar for companies that offer vps
    In terms of price and quality of service and performance and give large areas
    I would like to get
    VPS 50 GB of Disk Space .500 GB of Bandwidth
    It should be worth not to exceed $ 60.00 per Month
    And accept payment by credit card

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    Your budget is more than enough. Managed + cPanel + 512 ram to run cPanel AND everything else will probably run you $35-50 for a reputable host.

    I'd suggest having a spin through the offers forum. Many people here own or run web hosting firms that may meet your needs, and can provide you specific feedback to you there.

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    I'm interested in the following specifications
    # Equal Share of CPU
    # 50 GB of Disk Space
    # 500 GB of Bandwidth
    # 512 MB of Memory
    # 2 IP Addresses
    # Cpanel / WHM Included
    And I want to be the company's high quality and affordable price and accept payment Wasit Visa

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    up .

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    If you are looking for an USA Managed provider,


    They are running the 2x resource special, you should be able to get what you need within your budget.

    God luck
    All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

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    Have you checked the offers section on here?

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