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    how do you send your hosting offer in here

    Hello every body I am new with this community even though I have heard a lot I work for a korean company and want to offer hosting services what is the proper way within the rules to do so in forums?
    Sorry for my bad English.


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    Visit the offer area at the bottom and put your offer up.

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    Thanks Scott. I will do that.

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    Also you need to have 10 posts and 7 days of membership.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verdictjosh View Post
    Also you need to have 10 posts and 7 days of membership.
    Yes, the knowledgebase alludes to that.
    Quote Originally Posted by WHT Knowledgebase
    Why can't I post in the advertising forums?
    Advertising forums are included as a benefit for use by WebHostingTalk members. They require minimum days of membership and profile post count before allowing a new thread posted.
    As your membership page shows, you just joined today, so...have fun browsing around. Make some meaningful post, and in 7 days, if you reach 10 posts, you can let everyone know what "InternetBrothers" Korea, is all about!
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