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    EDH News - Reboting VPS server tomorrow


    We've noticed some OS weirdness on one of our VPS server node. Nothing worth of interests was found in system logs. Right now it is not affecting any production works, all existing customer VPSs on this particular server is still operating at 100%.

    We decided to reboot this particular VPS server in about 24 hours. Since some minor abnormalities may turn into something bigger if we do not take any actions.

    This scheduled reboot is set for 11:00AM CST, Tuesday Sep-15-2009. Or 16:00AM UTC, Tuesday Sep-15-2009.

    Linux VPS will be safely shutdown to prevent any data lost.
    HVM VPS clients, please take the appropriate actions to shutdown your VPS.

    Thanks and we do appreciate your cooperations in this.

    EDH, not client. OS weirdness issues.

    Require bouncing physical VPS server.

    Preventative Measures:

    In progress.

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    The reboot was delayed a little. Downtime was 7 minutes.

    The abnormalities seems to be gone. Server back online, all VPS provisioned without issues.

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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