My site is

I am offering reasonable advertising rates to those interested. I am offering text links in a prominent location. At the top of the forum there is a second navigation bar below the default. I can accept up to 10 text links there, and you can choose the color of your own link. This is not only a prominent location, but also will be viewable on every page of the forum as the navbar loads with every page.

I am asking $10 per text link for a duration of 6 months ($10 total)

I will also be seeking one "sponsor" who will have the sole banner spot just beneath the navbar where the text links are (no banner there yet). A 468x60 banner can be placed there and will also be displayed on every page load.

I am asking $90 for this spot, total, which comes out to $15 per month.

I think both of these options are quite reasonably priced. I'm only putting out the effort to find advertisers in order to offset hosting fees, not to make a profit.

** Please shoot me a PM if interested **

Some statistics:

Board threads - 23,755
Board posts - 380,000 +
Average uniques per month - last 6 months - 10,000

I know the traffic isn't immense, but neither is my pricing that should gain you sufficient exposure over a 6 month period.