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    * cPanel vs H-sphere

    just wondering which people use/prefer and why. We use h-sphere and love it, but have never tried cPanel...
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    I've not tried H-Sphere, but love CPanel.

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    H-sphere appears to be buggy and more expensive. It has alot of very nice features. However the average customer wouldn't understand how to properly use them anyway. They charge you per account which allows you to setup domains. It has a billing system and support system build into it which is nice. However it kind of has too much incorperated into it.

    Cpanel is probably a little bit cheaper. It is unlimited domains per server. Updates are frequent. It's easy to use and favored by customers. I recommend it.
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    Have you really used HSphere?

    Which HSphere version is buggy? We use HSphere 2.2 and has not problem with it. Perhaps you mean the 2.3RC? But blame it to hosts who upgraded to 2.3RC It's a Release Candidate, should not be used in a production server.

    Customer has difficulty with HSphere? Just to give you example, I have quite a few 14-15 years old customers and they can navigate through HSphere within just 10 minutes after playing around with it. And surprisingly, all of my customers that had experienced with CPanel, love HSphere more than CPanel. In fact, I have not had a customer complaining about HSphere.

    Cpanel is cheaper? Well that depends on where you get CPanel from. Also, you need to include the cost for third party billing support (which may not integrate well with CPanel), third party helpdesk support, etc. Does the frequent updates are preferable? Many sensible hosts have turned off this nightly updates because it has happened many times that things got broken after the updates. Is it really favored by customers? How do you decide this? Do the customers have experience with both HSphere and Cpanel to come into that conclusion?

    And I wonder about your recommendation. Have you used HSphere and compare it with CPanel and have quite an extensive experiences on both to give your recommendation?

    I personally recommend HSphere. In fact I switched from CPanel to HSphere. But I won't put CPanel down (in fact, we are CPanel Partner NOC) since it is looking better nowadays. My still, my recommendation, for now, goes to HSphre.
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    I like CPanel, but never used HSphere
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