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    mod layout installaion ?

    can anyone help me to install mod_layout in my vps ?
    i am using whm/cpanel , apache 2.2
    i tried to install mod_layout 5.1 (attached) but when using phpbb script (gzip off) it looks very bad .

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    How are you implementing? Footer? Header? I use mod_layout to add google analytics, etc to clients sites.

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    i am using iAds from ihostdev to put ads in footer and header , but i think that mod_layout causing errors in the websites ,

    example : this is a joomla (look at the bottom of the website) -

    this is a phpbb (its full of errors) :

    the gzip is off in both scripts ,

    this from the httpd.conf file :
    <IfModule mod_layout.c>
    AddOutputFilter LAYOUT htm html php php3 php4 php5 shtml
    LayoutHeader /home/iadsalm/public_html/iads/data/header.html
    LayoutFooter /home/iadsalm/public_html/iads/data/footer.html

    Thank you

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