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    Solid Internet - What Has Happened?

    My site/e-mail/etc that is hosted by Solid Internet has been down for almost 2 weeks. This is causing me some major problems.

    Their support forum doesn't work, their phones go straight to voicemail, their voicemail inbox is full, they don't respond to e-mails or support tickets. I'm not sure what else I can do to find out what the problem is?

    I've only just renewed for a further year too so I'm not overly keen on flushing all that money down the toilet.

    I don't think I have any site back ups, certainly no recent ones so I don't want to lose everything which I assume I'll need to do to move to a new host?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There is an announcement on their website. . Looks like there's not much you can do before they complete their relocation.

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    That was over a month ago though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gavtek View Post
    That was over a month ago though!
    Indeed... I didn't realize the announcement was on 15th of August (not September). Sorry for that. I hope you'll solve the problem soon.

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    Their website is still up, why don't you try calling them? or contact their livechat?

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    Their live chat is never switched on, their phones go straight to voicemail and their voicemail inbox is full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rois View Post
    Their website is still up, why don't you try calling them? or contact their livechat?
    He said that they don't return his calls, their voicemail is full, etc.

    Two weeks is ridiculous. I would try to do a chargeback or something since you just renewed, or open a dispute if you paid through paypal.

    And not having a backup is unfortunate, but it's also a lesson learned. Move on. If your provider is somehow down for 2 weeks they are not serious about their business.

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    2 weeks of down time is very much annoying. Sorry to hear your troubles and worst thing is that you don't have recent back ups. Do keep your own back up always mate, atleast from hereafter. Any way only thing I can wish you is that some how your problems will be resolved soon. Do keep us updated if some thing hopeful happens in this matter. If you are not able to login to your account even if you switch host there is nothing much your new host can do. And only thing possible is to start new hosting with the back ups available with you if you have any.

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    2 weeks is ridiculous, I would have moved by now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gavtek View Post
    Their live chat is never switched on...

    live support chat is online as I type this.

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    2 days is too much to speak of. 2 weeks is out of this world.

    Move on and hope you backup regularly in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw Web Master View Post

    live support chat is online as I type this.

    Yeah it is online now.

    @OP: you can have a try in live chat to resolve the problem now.

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    If I were you I would just move somewhere else. If you can still get backups that would be great, but 2 weeks of being down is not good.
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    2 weeks of downtime is getting onto my way... 3 weeks of downtime without being even setup after paying a setup fee from So called great hosting ha.!

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    I've had the exact same problem. Very disappointed, never had this problem with them before. I just renewed as well, and had to sign up with another host just to get email working for my business accounts.

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    Has anyone had any indication that there is anyone at Solidinternet who is replying or doing anything?

    My domain went down today, The client area won't let me, despite it sending me a new password on request.

    I can't even get in to do a back up.

    Now getting very concerned? Ideas anyone? Please don't say phone them.

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    A few months ago Solidinternet moved me to a different server. Not an uncommon thing when it comes to shared hosting. I had to contact tech support at the time to get a different smtp port setup like they had on the server I had previously been on and I also had to ask them why AWStats wasn't showing up for me.

    They responded and got those things straightened out. Maybe not as fast as i would have liked, but I am not the most patient person. Probably within a day or two.

    Right about that time, I was in the process of moving so it took me a bit to notice that even though I had access to AWStats, there were no stats showing up. I submitted a ticket over a month ago about that. In the meantime, I was also having a problem adding an addon domain to my Dad's account.

    I found this topic and was really beginning to wonder what was going on with them. I've even started to look around for a different host. Tonight I tried one last time to add the addon domain and it didn't work and I thought I might as well check my support tickets to see if they had been answered at all. Support down for maintenance. I checked the contact page. Amazingly enough, Live Support was online for a change. It was sales.

    However, I talked to a guy named Jeff and he managed to mostly fix AWStats for me. (It seems like it's still missing about a month.) But he also fixed it so I could add the addon domain.

    When I asked what was going on with tech support, the answer he gave was that the ticket system had gotten corrupted. Not a great thing to hear.

    It seems to be they really need to step up their support. But at least I found that there actually was still someone there who could help.

    I would also like to mention that once I was moved to the new server, I've noticed a great improvement in server stability. I would hate to have to move to a new webhost now, but like I said, their tech support needs to be stepped up and quickly.

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    I assume they need to inform their customers about the migration they are planning beforehand
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    I have not been able to do back up since July, and can't even do them manually because both my Servers are down (server 4 and kangaroo) with SolidInternet.

    Do we know if they have gone under?

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    you'd think they'd do the right thing and make some sort of announcement to inform us all of their status.

    this is downright sad.

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    So true, but when really have they cared?

    I just want my data so I can get out of there. I have already transferred domains to another host to get my emails back.

    I'm going to start a dispute in paypal for the last few payments as I pay monthly.

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