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    Exclamation caution - Hosting software licences

    I recently purchased Ensim 3.1 licence form someone on WHT. It came to my mind before that am i using fresh licence which noone else is using? How do i verify that? or Ensim automatically verify regularly?

    I don't want to be caught in difficult situation later like in post
    As later it may be difficult when server loaded with customers.

    Since one month have passed since the installation of the Ensim on server, should i conclude that all is well?

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    Maybe contact ensim and ask?

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    They may be able to tell you it has EVER been registered but not if it is still being used. For instance if the person stopped using it and decided to sell it.
    Stupid, but trying.

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    Well I would think if the license was sold correctly, the previous owner would have to contact Ensim so that they could update their records as to who is the right license owner. Also, I believe Ensim does have a call home in it so that they can tell if licenses are being handed out.
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    OR... buy from a reputable place.
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