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    looking for managed windows 2008 vps

    Hi, does anyone know of a good managed windows 2008 vps, need to have sql 2008 web installed on it, and looking for under $100. prefer in asia but USA is also ok (not europe though)

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    You should ideally look for a Hyper-V VPS if you wish to use Windows 2008. You can indeed get a managed Hyper-V VPS within the budget you have specified. Just look around for offers.
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    XenServer is a good option as well. Working great here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rens View Post
    XenServer is a good option as well. Working great here.
    Xenserver (not eh community edition) does windows virtualization very well! Also with most XenServer setup's (again not community edition) you can give dedicated ram to the VPS which is something you need to ensure you can get the best throughput for SQL and .net

    You also have a very realistic budget for this project.

    Any SPLA provider should be able to provide this to you (ensure the host is a SPLA provider for they are the only legal ones that can provide this software to you).

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