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    * ✔✔✔ FREE stationery design ($80 worth) for any custom logo design purchase above $150

    Hello again!

    It's true! You get a business card and letterhead design ($80 worth) for every order of logo design above 150$. Mention this together with your briefing file and you're set. This special offer expires on: September 20, 2009

    Even if you pay for a stationery set, as long as your order is above $150, you do get ADDITIONAL 1 business card design and 1 letterhead design that you can use for your other business, provided that you have the logo in vector form.

    This is a full time service!

    Our services:

    - Custom Logo Design (portfolio)
    - Stationery Design (portfolio)
    - PDF Brochure Design (portfolio)

    We do odd jobs as well, feel free to inquire and we will get back to you with an answer whether we can take on your project and the costs involved, no obligation on your part.



    - Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card.
    - 24-48 hours turn-around time for the logo (turn-around time guarantee applies to business days only, Monday through Friday)
    - Price range: $60 through $250+ depending on your options.
    - For stationery/brochure design service you must have the your logo in vector form.
    - We are working via e-mail only, to accommodate for possible time zone differences on both parties, thus enjoying a relaxed and smooth business transaction.

    For other answers and details, please visit
    Direct link to the contact page
    Custom logo design
    17+ years of experience, customers in over 100 countries

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    May be interested in business card designs. Do you also do print outs or just the designing portion?

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    Thank you for your question. Design only, you have the freedom to work with your selected printer.
    Custom logo design
    17+ years of experience, customers in over 100 countries

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