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Thread: Cpanel prices?

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    Cpanel prices?

    Who are resellers of cpanel? Looking to compare prices for using cpanel. Don't need any hosting.

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    It starts from $35-$38 and goes up to $50 per month. You can find the full list here:
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    if you go with certain dedicated or VPS providers they will subsidize your cpanel purchase since they buy licenses in bulk and get them much, much cheaper.

    Depending on your circumstances this might be something for you to look into.

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    Did the prices go up recently? I remember when it was $30

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    Yea cPanel prices are around $38-$42 a month for dedicated servers, and for VPS license its around $14.

    Another cheaper solution would be Direct Admin.

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    why is vps so much cheaper then dedicated is there any way to run vps in a dedicated service?

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