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    Anybody using Applicure's Dotdefender?

    I was wondering if anybody here is using it?
    My current provider has started offering it at $20/month
    I am particularly interested in knowing if it helps to block spam to wordpress and wikis.

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    Hey, i also like to know anyone using this on their server and what;s the review. I am looking for actual users review.

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    We actually offer the Applicure DotDefender solution for our customers and I can tell you out of the box the application is pretty decent.

    In training we were taught on how to create rules to prevent SQL Injection which is pretty complex. I'm sure you can do basically whatever you'd like with it but there is a large learning curve.

    As for blocking spam on WordPress and Wiki's; why not just use a CAPTCHA?
    Larry Dougherty Server Engineer

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    I have used DotDefender and it is quite good. I agree with Larry's suggestion to use Captcha. Also, why not ask all your queries to your provider. He should be able to answer all your queries.
    Prashant T.

    Don't run after Success. Run after Excellence and Success will soon follow.

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    It's like asking a sweet shop that also sweets are fresh? Every provider will recommend, it's about money honey.

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    But from the customer not the provider (seller) point of view, why somebody would use Dotdefender instead of the modsecurity Apache module?

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