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    Have a person looking to have a site done in modx

    Looking for someone to help convert my site to modx.

    The site's content would be as followed
    The site is already in the process of being converted to modx.

    Link-[News] -
    Summary of content related to [News] Link
    Will list up to 5 news postings with the ability to cycle through browsing through our database
    Also at the bottom links to monthly archives will be offered
    This will then index all Links to
    [map reviews]
    [Free First Person Shooter games]
    [Free MMORPG Games]
    ===end of index of menu link Articles===
    Index Page for Stats page will list
    Link to WoW Arena Rankings
    Link to Hlstats Page for FPS
    each will display summary describing links
    ===end of index links related to menu link STATS===
    [Link]About us
    [Link]Contact us
    This will incorporate Maxi Gallery

    I would eventually like to incorporate SMF forums into modx using the SMF bridge

    The layout of the site can be seen at

    Although my budget may be smaller then I anticipated for this project as I am currently just working my way through it one problem at a time. I received an e-mail from another person requesting once I finished my setup if I could quote him a price to do a similar site only not related to online gaming but some card game all the features I have just a different subject

    If intersted you can PM me with a price estimation or any questions thank ya so much!
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    this job has been completed
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